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Athletic Development. Injury Prevention. Rehabilitation.

Marsh Strength and Conditioning is dedicated in providing a professional service to a high standard in the fields of exercise and sport to Ballarat and surrounding areas.

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Athletic Development/ Peformance

Involves the physical preparation of athletes at the community/local/amateur, semi - elite and elite levels for their chosen team or individual based sport. Aiming to improve performance and defence to injuries.

Injury Prevention

Developing fundamental motor skills specifically to reduce the chances of injury. Building resilience and protection from injuries through applied exercise science.

Strength and Conditioning

Includes training, development and testing of particular functional fitness components desired by the individual either for sport, everyday life or general health and well being . By applying techniques that are derived from evidence based research in the strength and conditioning field, individuals will benefit from S and C coaches when it comes to making positive changes to their sporting performance, physical, mental, emotional and psychological health.


For those who have suffered a physical or mental injury, we can guide you through the rehabilitation process to enhance function and quality of life. From a sporting injury returning the athlete to perform or to an occupational injury wishing to return to work. Our approach is individualised and based on scientific evidence.

Strength and Power

Specifically aimed at improving maximal strength and mechanical power in athletes for sport or the general populations to be able to continue performing their activities of daily living effectively and optimally.

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